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The Energy Codes Book, Dr. Sue Morter
This book is written by my friend and one of the mentors that I worked with closely that I both sell and utilize in my center with clients! It links the energy centers, the breath, anatomy, science and yoga poses together. What?!?! A lot of wonderful information for seasoned energy practitioners or lay people interested in a more integrated way of being.

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Books and Resources:


south bay local:

Evolutionary Astrology with Kristin Fontana  
Kristin always seems to be spot on with her star casts. You can read her weekly or receive an Evolutionary Astrology reading privately. Oh, and she used to be my neighbor; our kids played together;)

Heal Your Body, Louise Hay 
This book lives in my chart holder in my healing room with the rest of the content that I refer to during treatments. It offers beautiful affirmations linked directly to the various parts of the body for healing.

Sol Seek Yoga
This sweet space not only has phenomenal yoga instructors, and a warm and welcoming vibe, the studio resides just above the Manhattan Beach pier and has an extraordinary view of the ocean. Watching dolphins swim by while doing yoga? Yes please! They also have a hot yoga studio in North Manhattan Beach and a studio in Santa Barbara.

Over the Moon Wellness 
Marsha Rivera is both a dear friend and an unbelievably intuitive massage therapist, specializing in Ashiatsu and cupping. She also makes some extremely healing potions, teas and yummy candles. You’ll leave the space feeling completely relaxed.

Heal East West
My work space is an integrative and collaborative center focused on wellness, empowerment, and joyful living. Receive BEST, acupuncture, holistic facials, craniosacral therapy, reiki and other treatments, along with workshops, classes and special events thoughtfully selected to help you continue down your path successfully

Human Design with Dylan Varenhorst 
I’ve learned so much from Dylan about human design, the combination of I Ching, astrology, the Kaballah and chakras. Ah, the permission to just be me and understand why I respond to circumstances in life the way I do…freedom!

Shanti Soul Healing
Ally is extremely passionate about all things Ayurveda! She’s incredibly knowledgeable about using food as medicine through Ayurvedic cooking as well as Ayurvedic modalities. With Vata being my dominant dosha, I’m a HUGE FAN of the abhyanga massage. Give it a try; you will be too! 

Gum Tree Cafe and Gift shop 
While they have a gift shop in Manhattan Beach as well, I prefer the Hermosa Beach location. I can always find the perfect gift, even last minute, for a girlfriend or family. Then I can grab my favorite organic quinoa and arugula salad at the cafe!

The Source Cafe 
Breakfast or lunch, I love this sweet cafe. It’s close to the beach and I can pop in after a walk or an early morning swim. I love to meet friends for lunch as well. The food is mostly organic with incredible juices and salads and paleo desserts to go. Your welcome!

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