Spiritual Alignment : Strengthening Intuition for a Purposeful Life

Are you feeling like you’re stuck in a loop, repeating the same issues/challenges in your life?

Do you have difficulty completing tasks?

Are you looking for a deeper connection with yourself and your sensory abilities?

Do you feel overwhelmed or anxious in your personal life, at work or with the state of our nation and the world?

Are you seeking guidance, sustainable change and like minded community support?

If you answered Yes to any of the questions above, this experiential workshop series is designed for you. The series will include:
~Anchoring your six essentials + LOVE into your daily life
~Choosing yourself first, WHAT?
~How you energetically perceive the world around you and work with your intuitive abilities
~Insights and practices on how to listen to the physical body to receive answers to your questions
~Self Care to support your growth and evolution
~Breathing techniques to calm the mind and the nervous system
~Chakra wisdom: they’re SO MUCH MORE than the colors of the rainbow

Also Included: 

 ~A 20 minute private phone session with myself

 ~Discounts on BEST treatments

We will build each week from the prior and, you may come for an individual week
$375 for all three weeks
$133 individual session

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